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Charleigh and Jimmy

(Photo by Vickie Ferrante)

In the early part of my career, when “Stay Gone” was a big hit on country radio, an older man and woman often came to my shows and always made a point to say hello, take a few photos, and leave a gift for me. There was nothing unusual about that; fans still do that today.

One evening after a show, at the meet-and-greet table, the woman asked, “Where’s your sister?”

She’d heard me talking about my sister during my show as the person who inspired the song, “Stay Gone.” A red flag went up immediately. Why is this stranger asking about my sister? I wondered.

“Ahh, I’m sure she’s around here somewhere,” I said and then quickly moved toward the next person in line.

“My husband and I would like to meet her,” the lady said.

Huh? Now, I was definitely looking around for the closest exit door to get away from this weird couple who was pursuing my sister.

I didn’t respond. I just looked at them the way you look at someone who gets in your personal space and you want them to get OUT!

Over the next few months, I saw this couple at several other shows in the area close to my hometown. After one of the shows, my sister nodded her head and asked, “Who are those two people?”