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The Result of One Small Deed

Coca-Cola logowtb-bookCoca-Cola is the largest brand in the world and it is supporting my New York Times bestseller, Walk To Beautiful. This is the first time in the history of publishing that a book title has been promoted by a major consumer packaged goods company.

Hopefully you’ve seen the Coca-Cola display with my book on top of it in your favorite grocery store. And I sincerely hope you will purchase a six-pack of bottled Coca-Cola and my book Walk To Beautiful that recently reached the New York Times list for the third time within one year!

In 1989, seventy-five-year-old Bea Costner befriended me with an ice cold Coca-Cola. I was sixteen years old and homeless. I was Bea’s lawn-boy and every week she’d give me a Coke when I cut her grass. Toward the end of the summer, she asked me if I’d be interested in moving into her and her husband Russell’s home. This changed my life forever. I was allowed to go back to high-school, go to college, and pursue my dream of writing and performing music—and it all started with a Coca-Cola.

When I see the Coca-Cola display with my book on it in a store, I see more than a display. I see a homeless kid, Madison Square Garden, a walk halfway across America, and millions of kids helped as a result of one small deed. The spirit of giving Bea modeled for me started a long time ago, in a stable in Bethlehem, when God gave us His best. This year, give your best to someone you love.

To learn more about Bea and how Coca-Cola changed my life, pick up a six-pack of bottled Coca-Cola (or two!) and my book Walk To Beautiful. You will be inspired forever!

Merry Christmas.

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One response to “ The Result of One Small Deed ”

  1. Chris Raynor says:

    After hearing Jimmy’s story at the 95Q Secret Santa Concert in Decatur, IL I had to buy Walk to Beautiful to read the whole story. What an inspiration Jimmy Wayne is to not only foster kids, but to everyone! Merry Christmas!